Nicola Harris, is a certified Advanced Skin Specialist & Educator who has 24 years of experience. Beginning her career in Liverpool, she has worked extremely hard to build up her own business to the successful and award-winning clinic it is today.

Nicola is nationally recognised for her expertise in skin care. Continually striving to provide her clients with treatments that take advantage of pioneering advancements in dermatologic technology.

Every remedy Nicola recommends is specifically chosen following an initial consultation, from allergies to ageing skin, Nicola selects the best and most effective course of treatment for her clients.

Whatever your skin condition, however severe, Nicola’s skin clinic is the best place to seek professional, friendly advice. Our clinic is situated on Rodney street, you can book a consultation online and we’ll contact you to confirm your appointment, or alternatively please call us on 07856 686 722.